The MacDonald Defense Fund is a non-profit entity with 501c status, established by supporters of Jeffrey MacDonald, to defray the administrative and related costs associated with working to overturn wrongful convictions. With an appeal being granted by the Fourth Circuit Court in Richmond, Va., funding for all that is involved in this process, including administrative and legal costs, is the primary need at present. Our goal is to see Jeff's conviction reversed and another innocent man freed.   All contributions are tax deductible.

The passage of The Justice For all Act (Oct 2004), demonstrated that our nation is recognizing the plight of the wrongly convicted, and taking initiatives to correct those grave injustices. Now, the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court in the case of House v. Bell (June 2006) has gone even further to allow defendants who pass the gatekeeping threshold at the Circuit Court level on grounds of actual innocence the opportunity to present all evidence, old and new, to prove their claims of factual innocence. The district court declined to review the evidence, in total or otherwise, in November 2008, and then again in 2015, which is the basis of the appeal now at the 4th Circuit.

It is difficult to quantify a person's freedom. To those of you who have generously supported Jeff in the past, we thank you for continuing to help us in this literal fight for justice.
To contribute, please send your money order or check, payable to the MacDonald Defense Fund to:

The MacDonald Defense Fund
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Phone: 443.546.8277

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Contributions to the MacDonald Defense Fund are Tax-Deductible
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The MacDonald Defense Fund is a US Based Non-profit.