Authors Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost spent nearly twelve years researching this exhaustive and definitive record of the MacDonald case.  The book contains detailed documentation regarding the government's theory of the case against Dr. MacDonald, suppressed evidence, substantiation of Dr. MacDonald's version of events, and more.  This is not light reading, but rather, a resource for those interested in gaining clarification on specific questions/case-related issues.

Fatal Justice is based largely upon laboratory notes suppressed at trial and secured years later through the Freedom of Information Act.  Besides debunking author Joe McGinniss' facile and unfounded drug theory in the best-seller Fatal Vision, and showing how McGinniss worked closely with his editor to delete references that might "make MacDonald look innocent", Fatal Justice reveals glaring contradictions and discrepancies between the government's claims about the evidence at trial, and the evidence as it was actually found, recorded, and tested by the government's own investigators and technicians.

"In an explosive new study...the tightly woven
for MacDonald's guilt is methodically unraveled chillingly well-documented detail."

-Tara Aronson, The San Francisco Chronicle
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"A quietly convincing book." 
  -Janet Malcolm, The New Yorker

"A devastating rebuttal to Fatal Vision
-Boston Phoenix

"I believe that the government of the United States deliberately covered up evidence to convict Jeffrey MacDonald"
- Alan Dershowitz, Esq.

"Fatal Justice convinced me that Judge Dupree was biased in favor of the prosecution; that the prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence; that many witnesses were never properly interviewed."   
-Bob Sipchen, The Los Angeles Times 

"If you think you know the Jeffrey MacDonald case from Fatal Vision, think again.  Fatal Justice is the first account of the whole story.  Potter and Bost have done something rare and truly impressive." 
-Errol Morris, Oscar-winning director of The Fog of War and The Thin Blue Line.

"Fortunately, two extremely dedicated journalists did the unthinkable."
-Celia Farber, SPIN Magazine

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