A Life of Promise Changed in One Tragic Night

The MacDonald case never ceases to evoke a range of emotions, not only in those who have been involved in this 40 year tragedy, but in those who have read about it, studied it, and even made court rulings about it.  Indeed, the Supreme Court expressed, even as they ruled against Jeff in the past, that the case continued to create a sense of "uneasiness".

The denial of justice in this case produces anger, frustration and disbelief, even among those who know only some of the details, much less those who know all of the facts, and are working so hard on Jeff MacDonald's behalf.

The reality of the life of Jeffrey MacDonald is both tremendously sad, yet, also, inspiring to those who know him.

There are few situations more horrifying than this one.  To have lost those dearest to you, to a senseless act of violence, is more than most of us can imagine.   Then to be accused of committing these heinous crimes, against your own family - tried and falsely convicted when you are factually innocent - these events are beyond comprehension. 

To lose everything worth having in life- your family, your profession, your good name, and ultimately, your freedom, and yet keep fighting to prove your innocence against tremendous odds, takes enormous strength and courage.  But Jeffrey MacDonald is innocent, and believes the truth will win out.

The tragic loss of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen has been compounded by the needless continuation of losses since their deaths.  How many lives could have been saved had Jeffrey MacDonald continued to serve his community as a skilled and respected innovator in the field of Emergency Medicine?  How do you resurrect 30 years of life lost to wrongful imprisonment?

The MacDonald Defense Committee, which is comprised of the legal team, long time friends and remaining family members, invites you to learn more about Jeffrey MacDonald- a man whose every action has been scrutinized by the media, and whose every flaw has been afforded greater import than the allowance usually made for human failings.

Jeffrey MacDonald- A Life in Pictures