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WRAL INTERVIEW with Hart Miles and Kathryn MacDonald
January 25, 2017

WRAL-Richmond, VA
January 25, 2017

The TODAY Morning Show
January 24, 2017

People Magazine
Who Is the Real Jeffrey MacDonald? Exclusive Interviews with His Friends and Family
By Nicole Weisensee Egan
January 23, 2017

The Raleigh News & Observer
Jeffrey MacDonald case gets new airing in 2 courts law and public opinion
January 23, 2017

The National Law Journal
Free at last? Not so fast.
by Philip Cormier, Andy Good and Harvey Silverglate
April 5, 2010

WRAL- TV: Raleigh, North Carolina
MacDonald Appeals at Fourth Circuit
by Erin Hartness
March 23, 2010

Associated Press
Court Hears Appeal After 40 Years
by Larry O'Dell
March 23, 2010

Thirty Year Quest for Justice
by Kathryn MacDonald

Editorial on the MacDonald Case
By Hans Sherrer
April, 2009

Fayetteville Observer
Revelations Surface in 1970 Slayings
By Bill Kirby
April 20, 2007

Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville NC
"Affidavit Names Pair..."
April 18, 2007

The Associated Press
Mother of Witness in Army Doctor Murder Case Assists His Appeal
April 17, 2007

The National Law Journal
House vs. Bell: Restoring Habeas Corpus
By Harvey Silverglate and Philip G. Cormier
August, 2006

Fayetteville Observer
MacDonald has a Believer in Ex-Law Clerk
By Bill Kirby, March 29, 2006

Fayetteville Observer Online
Interview with Donald Buffkin
By Laura Arenschield, March 18, 2006

Larry King Live
Interview with Bob Stevenson, Barry Scheck, Esq., Dr. Larry Kobilinsky, Police Chief John Hodges, Judge Leslie
Crocker Snyder and Kathryn MacDonald

Raleigh News and Observer
"MacDonald Gets Fourth Appeal"
By Matthew Eisley, January 2006

Larry King Live
Interview with Bernard Segal, Esq. Dr. Cyril Wecht, Kathryn MacDonald, Bob Stevenson and Peter Kearns
December 2005

The Wall Street Journal
"Fatal Revision"
By Laurie P. Cohen, December 2005

Associated Press (various venues)
By Larry O'Dell, December 2005

48 Hours
"A Time for Truth"
November, 2005

The Washington Post
by Sue Anne Pressley
January, 2005

Raleigh News & Observer
25 Years Later, MacDonald Fights Verdicts
August, 2004

August, 2004

Larry King Live Transcript
Interview with Jeffrey and Kathryn MacDonald
October, 2003

The Boston Phoenix
"Blinded By Science"
By Harvey Silverglate, Andrew Good, and Philip Cormier, Esquires
October, 2003

Soldier of Fortune
"Adrift in the American Gulag"
By Jeffrey R. MacDonald, M.D., July 2000

The Philadelphia Inquirer
"MacDonald Confident DNA Will Win Him a Retrial"

by Richard Lezin Jones, August 1999

The Boston Globe
"Fateful Justice"

by Mitchell Zuckoff, August, 1999

Lisson Criminal Justice Archives
"DNA Testing May Cast Reasonable Doubt
in Fatal Vision Triple Murder"

By Kathleen Lisson, April, 1999

Raleigh News & Observer
"DNA Evidence Sought"
by Misti C. Lee, March, 1999

The Associated Press
"Prisoner in Oregon Wins DNA Testing"
By Gary Robertson, March, 1999

The Wall Street Journal 
"Accuracy of New DNA Test is Called into Question"
 by Laurie Cohen, November, 1997

The Long Beach Press
"For those opposing a new trial for Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, the news was not good..."

by Tom Hennessey, November, 1997

The Wall Street Journal
"Decision to Reopen Crime Cases is Left to Individual Prosecutors"

by Laurie P. Cohen, June, 1997

The New Republic
"Fatal Revision"

by Ruth Shalit, May, 1997

The Washington Weekly
"The Disintegration of American Justice: Two Case Studies in Government Malfeasance" 
y Edward Zehr, May 26, 1997 

The Wall Street Journal
"FBI Fiber Analysis Emerges as New Issue in Murder Case"
by Laurie P. Cohen, April, 1997

The Boston Globe
"New Allegations in MacDonald Case"
by Ross Gelbspan, October, 1990