The Justice Project
A non-partisan organization dedicated to fighting injustice and reforming the criminal justice system.

Crime Library
Histories of famous cases including a summary of the MacDonald Case and Bibliography of related sources.

Truth in Justice
A non-profit organization working to free the innocent from prison and alert the public to problems in the criminal justice system that make miscarriages of justice possible. Read about Michael Malone's involvement and false testimony in the MacDonald Case (featured in the St. Petersburg Times)

The Innocence Project
This program, headed by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, has been instrumental in overturning wrongful convictions based on DNA evidence.

NACDL - National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
The preeminent organization advancing the mission of the nation's criminal defense lawyers, to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crimes.
Informative website with commentary and 
resources related to wrongful convictions,
problems with the criminal justice system
and individual cases or interest.

The Injustice Line
Stories of injustice in America including wrongful convictions, the FBI lab scandal 
and more.

Center on Wrongful Convictions 
Northwestern University School of Law
Established to identify and rectify wrongful convictions. Jeff MacDonald received his medical degree from Northwestern, which also embodies its own branch of the Innocence Project. Read about Kirk Bloodsworth (whose biography was written by Jeff's attorney, Tim Junkin) and others who have been wrongly convicted and exonerated.

Unsolved Cases: Jeffrey MacDonald 
A chapter-formatted chronology of the case by researcher Christina Masewicz

Justice Denied 
Dedicated to publicizing cases of wrongful conviction as well as how and why they occur.

References of Interest

Fatal Justice  
by Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost
The definitive book on the history and progression of, and the evidence in the MacDonald case.

Tainting Evidence
by John Kelly and Phillip K. Wearne
An in-depth investigation of the scandals at the FBI Crime Laboratory, with specific information about the scandals effect on the MacDonald case.

Actual Innocence  
by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld
Follows the developments and victories of the renowned Innocence Project.

Coroner at Large  
by Dr. Thomas Noguchi
Includes a fascinating chapter based on this renowned forensic scientists study of the MacDonald case.

Mortal Evidence: The Forensics Behind Nine Shocking Cases 
by Cyril Wecht
The respected forensic scientist includes a chapter about his conclusions regarding the MacDonald Case.